Michael Toney’s Bachelor Party – Part I

Nothing like a bachelor party at the AAC, we have Greggo getting his bounce “on” prior to the game, you have myself and Chris showing a sense of apathy during the game and a look at tip-off. In actuality, it was a pretty good game, but it shouldn’t have been. As Chris said, he cannot remember the times that Dirk has hit a game-winning shot (and he missed one tonight to send it into OT). Jason Terry and Devin Harris are unbelievable, as is Josh Howard. DJ “Moose” Benga actually got into the game due to the ineffectiveness of Damp and Diop and he showed some athleticism.

But the game really isn’t the story here. We all had a good time at the game, but with 4 minutes left to go, two guys showed up and told Greg and Stephen that they were in their seats. As Greg left, he gave one of them then turkey-wing brush-off, but the guy had already done his job and Greg was affected. He later proceeded to curse at an Adrian Griffin foul without issuing the warning of ear-muffs.

After we left the game, we headed to a swanky bar downtown and then the real party began.

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