The Saddest Puppy Dog Ever

This is my neighbor’s dog and I do believe that this is the saddest puppy dog ever. The people who live behind us have a huge backyard and this cute little puppy dog is starved for attention. I really don’t even think that they know it exists and its only interaction with other puppy dogs is through our chainlink fence. This dog will constantly bark, but I don’t think it’s barking out of anger, but because it sees Blue and Zoey playing all day.

There have been numerous times that this puppy dog has been stuck inbetween the neighbor’s fence and our fence and it’s been up to my wife and myself to make sure that the dog gets back into its yard. When I have gone over to their house to let them know that their dog is stuck between the fences I hear 3 or 4 dogs inside and I guess that they’ve decided that this puppy dog isn’t good enough to be inside.

As an aside, for those of you who have not seen my house, these are a few of the colors that my wife and I have to look at everday. Apparently these same neighbors got into a fight with the people who used to live in this house and so they painted an ugly fence. Good times.

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