Today In Sports

Nothing really new to report of today so I’ll just give you some sporty-sports links (and one extra):

True Hoop has been investigating who is William Wesley. From what I can tell he is an NBA powerbroker who is not an agent but seems to broker deals with players, is aligned with an agent (Leon Rose) and is crazy rich.

From Bob Sturm: “In battle of the sexes, US Olympic Women’s Hockey team loses to Minnesota High School team …and, if you thought that was impressive, keep in mind, the boys had to play “no-checking”, too.”

Greggy was asking me how long of a plane ride it was from LA to Sydney, Australia, well, here’s the answer.

If you are Jones-ing for some Cowboy discussion, then read Cowboy’s Blog.

Don’t look now, but the Mav’s are only 1/2 game behind San Antonio.

Mark Cuban says the stock market is for suckers. There’s a lot of truth in what he says, considering he’s a billionaire, you should maybe read and listen.

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