It’s A Boy

Mad props to Tony & Leslie, they’re having a boy. We can call this photo either artsy or bad, nevertheless, can you feel the love? Respect.


This one’s for Ashley B., Farley and Swayze.

One neat project, a guy in NY takes one picture a day on his way to and from work.

Make a website for your puppy dog.

Have you ever wanted a website where you type in a musical artist’s name and then the internet elves will pick music that they think you will like based on that artist? Well here’s pandora.

Funny Napoleon Dynamite Utah State Fair promos. There is a Totzilla.

James Fey is a guy who wrote a book about being hooked on drugs and Oprah decided that this book belonged in her book club. Now we find out it’s reported that he’s a big fat liar.

Could the Chinese have discovered America before Columbus?

This guy quit his job to be a pirate.

The baseball stuff: If you love the Texas Rangers and you are interested in their minor league system then, for the love of God, please go to the Newberg Report. If you are too lazy to do this then go here for the top 10 pitchers in the minor league system.

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