The Horns

It’s a little late, but I haven’t given any type of props to the Longhorns for their national championship. Considering I have a brother who goes to school there and since he did let me go onto the field with him (once, but I’m not ungrateful) I figured I could show some love. I was actually cheering for UT, Vince is a beast, and stuff.

Nevertheless, because they are losing Vince, I demand and expect to Tech to completely whip up on Texas next year behind Graham Herrell.


Britney tops Blackwell’s Worst Dressed List.

Gawker reports on Lindsay and Kate’s night out. By the way, if you don’t read Gawker and you’re a girl who likes gossip then this is the site for you.

Three really good travel websites:
1. DoHop
2. Kayak
3. Site 59

Texas Rangers minor league article.

Tom Cavanaugh is filming Love Monkey in NY and opens the door for people.

The worlds best quotes in 1 to 10 words.

Playstation 3 is to be $500.00? Chris will pony up.

Nano belt buckle.

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  1. Hey buddy, where is the return on the email i sent to you? I know it will take a little time, but you will make me look like a jerk if you don’t send it back. Blue is already pissed that he made the other list.

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