Look Who’s In the Doghouse

Well, it’s been a tiring week, thus the lack of links and posts. Exhaustion is a funny thing. I started thinking the other day that it’s been 8 months since my last vacation (honeymoon). Through no one’s fault but my own, I just haven’t taken any time off. Luckily, my wife and I are going to Destin in March and we’re very excited about the prospect of getting away for a while. Granted, we’re not going to Cabo like other folks, but we are getting away.


Photo project, a guy buys photos at flea markets, thus they are, or were, completely lost, but now found.

Cowboy notes.

Matt Mosley has a good article on Rayfield Wright getting into the Hall.

Mavs win their 11th game in a row.

Excellent article on gliders in WWII.

Happy Superbowl!

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One thought on “Look Who’s In the Doghouse

  1. Destin’s white sand kicks Cabo’s a*s, I swear. NO lie. However, there’s no Sammy Hagar or Jessica Simpson…but I’m sure your book reading and blog posting will be the BEST. Y’all deserve a wonderful vacation and I’m so jealous you’re going to my most FAVORITE place in the whole world. I’ve got a list of places for you to go eat…Harry T’s, The Donut Hole (for breakfast), The Back Porch..just to name a few. There’s one that’s absolutely a must but I can’t think of the name….so I’ll get back to you on that one. Hope everything’s well with the Jungman’s! Tell Miranda I said hello!!

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