I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite a while and I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while. Ryan is my brother, we do not have the closest relationship, much of which I blame on myself for various reasons, but this is not what this is about. Ryan is a baker. That’s right, a baker, in the very old sense of the term. He bakes cakes, breads, cookies, etc. Ryan has always fought the good fight in employment. Lots of people say that if you have can have job satisfaction then you will find happiness. No one has been beaten down by the prospect of doing something that he obviously loves, but it seems that no employer will return that love with a bigger paycheck. He has always wanted to bake. This is what he does. He doesn’t want much in return. Just a salary, and I don’t think that this is too much to ask. How many of us would take job after job and never back down from his passion? I dare say that few of us would keep up that desire. In all honesty, he could try and do something else, but I believe that he wouldn’t be doing what he loves and he wouldn’t be happy. It would just be nice if someone returned the favor.

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2 thoughts on “Ryan

  1. Roni:
    I don’t have a bakery, but if I did, Ryan could come bake my bread. As an aside, potential names and ideas for the new Jungman bakery: Girls Gone Baking – a bikini themed bakery; Brokeback Bakery – a hoity, toity, homo-friendly bakery (commercial idea: homo yelling at his asiago loaf “I wish I could quit you”); The Big Nowitzki – all things German Bakery, featured bread “Range for Days Loaf”; and, (Marty) Frey-Town, “They ain’t nothin cooler than a Green Jacket, Bakery”.

  2. Duk, I was beginning to wonder if you decided it was no longer “cool” to post comments. I will be out of the office all day today, but I hope to have new content up on Thursday or Friday. If you need additional TV, then check out Flavor of Love on VH1. Flavor Flav is genius

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