One thought on “No Words Just Dogs


    Good Dog Movie. We saw the sneak preview last week of “Eight Below” with the ever talented Paul Walker. Based on true story about an expedition guide who has to leave his sled dogs at basecamp in Anartica, due to an emergency evacuation. Goodtimes, a few sad moments. Not all the dogs make it. Yet another demonstration of the triumph of the spirit over seemingly insurmountable obstacles and impossible circumstances. Also includes one of the singly most shocking moments of any movie I have ever watched. Melissa loves the dogs, and crys at the drop of a hat, but she mostly enjoyed the movie. She would see it again.
    I’m goig to give it an 8 1/4 Duk Movie Rating.

    If you want a Paul Walker primer to rent this weekend before “Eight Below” opens next week, go ahead and check out “Into the Blue”, also staring Jessica Alba. These two incredibly attractive kids, who live in the Bahamas, get mixed up accidentally with a drug lord, after discovering a sunken treasure ship. There are few free diving scenes that defy reality, but the lungs and accessories on Jessica Alba ease the strain. For the girls, Paul Walker and heavy romantic, true love conquers all themes throughout. Bonus: Scott Caan (“Tweeder” from Varsity Blues) costars, and brings his special flair to the movie.
    8 solid Duk rating. Alba in almost nothing warms the winter night.

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