A Day in Dallas With a Bunch of Lawyers

Church of the Guadalupe.

Picture of Nasher sculplture from across the parking lot.

Contrast of old church against a mirrored building.

The Belo Mansion.

An otherwise lovely day doing continuing education in Dallas was soured a little bit by an older woman, maybe 50 to 55, who was asked numerous times by individuals, including myself, if the seat next to her was taken. Everytime, she replied that the seat was being saved. I should let everyone know that this particular class was completely full. Even I was running a little late, mostly due to my ignorance of where to park. Nevertheless, this lady refused tat least 10 people who asked to sit next to her.

The entire morning session is finished and no one sits next to her. The afternoon session starts with no one sitting next to her.

Why would a person taunt God in such a way?

During my lunch hour I talked around the Belo Mansion where the class was being held and took a number of pictures. I really wanted to spend the afternoon in the Nasher Sculpture Center, but admission was $10.00 and I would have only had my lunch hour to explore.

The Dallas Museum of art is right next door to the Nasher and amazingly enough there was not one public school in attendance. Every child I saw had wool pants/skirt and a sweater-vest (i.e. private school). I remember going to museums and plays, but do public school children get to go on field trips any more? There’s a ton of beautiful things to see in Dallas. Things that I would think would inspire young people. I propose a field trip to the Nasher sometime this spring.

Back to the conference, I believe that attorneys are nice average folks, however, we are some of the most pretentious and self-involved professions. Everyone is talking on their cell phone. Most of them do not have the common courtesy to step outside to answer the phone and no one can be bothered to turn off their phones. We are all so damned important.

As an aside, the costume for the generic white-guy attorney: khaki pants, a light blue shirt and a blazer if it’s cool outside.

Most of the attorneysthat I see are not the attorneys that I went to school with at Tulsa. We all studied hard and most of us did very well in terms of grades, but we had a damn good time too. We had plenty of time for Golden Tee and Pickles Pub and washers and Tulsa basketball games and fellowship. Looking around yesterday, there didn’t appear to be a mo-fo that I would want to hang out with, with. The conference would have been more fun if I was playing “What Celebrity Does That Person Look Like?” Unfortunately, the game would have gotten very old very fast since every other guy looks like Mr. Belding, Mr. Drummond or Alan Alda.

I should have a neat writing assignment for everyone by Saturday morning.

Good times. Good times.


Marquis Daniels’ tattoos (via bob sturm). You should right click and open in a new window.

Stay tuned for what looks to be a pretty good NFL mock draft.

I’ve never been that in love with Britney and here’s another reason why.

Jessica Alba link for Duk.

I love this guy’s art.

Maverick’s Big Wave Surfing Contest picture gallery.

Gordon Keith is funny and he is Britney Spears.

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