The Story of My Life

I was thinking of this the other day and I ran across this writing assignment. Write your biography in 400 words or less. For those of you who do not click the link, once you’ve done this repeat and do another biography using different facts. What do you think about yourself? Here’s my submission:

I was born in Tyler, Texas and grew up on golf courses. Some of my fondest memories are walking along the fairways with my brother and father, shoes and socks completely wet from the dew on the grass. We moved to Austin, Nashville, Richardson, and Kaufman and I have four siblings. I am the second oldest of the group and my youngest brother is ten years younger than me. I had two open heart surgeries performed on me before the age of six. I can remember stitches and shots. I did most of my growing up in Kaufman. My family owned a turfgrass farm which ended up providing us with all we could ever ask. Countless summer days picking up rocks and stacking sod. As a child I resented most of these summers, but as I grew older I appreciated them to no end. As I look back high school it was a blur. I received my high school diploma from Kaufman in 1992 and did not think it was that big of a deal. I started my college experience at Texas A & M and eventually transferred to Texas Tech (I thought I wanted to be a teacher). I received my undergrad at Texas Tech and did not think it was that big of a deal. I taught high school English for a year, but I thought I was not done learning. I started law school in August of 1998 and I received my law degree at the University of Tulsa and I finally thought that this was a big deal. Law school was studying, Pickles Pub, Golden Tee and fellowship. Some of my closest friends are from Kaufman, but not from high school. My other group of friends are from law school. I met my wife wife in 2002 at a friend’s wedding. I didn’t want to leave her that night. I will never forget the black dress that she wore. We were engaged in October of 2003 and married in May of 2005. She is the light of my life. I am an attorney now and my wife and I have three dogs: Blue, Olive and Zoey. I lost one dog along the way, Rage, because her kidneys would not and could not function. She was a sweet puppy dog.


Amazing photographs.

The Ranger’s presence in the Dominican Republic.

Another good Cowboys article (and another) and it’s not from the DMN or FWST.

Listal is a great place to organize your DVD’s, music and books. I’ve been looking for a place like this for a while and I think that this is the best one. Here’s Puppy Dog Blue’s Listal.

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2 thoughts on “The Story of My Life

  1. Roni,
    I’m going to need to devote a little thought to this one. Also, feels like i’m the only one responding on the comments. Which is fine with me, but it is just hard to believe that Greggo won’t drop the sausage to send out a little love to you. Oh, Bigtime had is gallbladder removed last Friday. He is still recovering. He indicated that it took 4 blades for the nurse to sheer off his sweater. He said that his sweater now resembles a tube top. Take time to conjure the visual. Funny stuff. I may need to call this week.

  2. Duk, I know that you feel like you are the only person reading this. Just remember, when I publish my memoirs that you will be a part of them. Immortalized forever. Of course there are a certain set of pictures which would imortalize you forever but we won’t go there. Remember, that I read all of your comments and I appreciate them.

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