I talked to my Mom today and she said that she was…

I talked to my Mom today and she said that she was reading my little project and I think she enjoyed it. She said that she’s been working on her own writing project and it consists of a journal about her and Dad from the day that they met. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have people who are creative and who write. I know that it’s time consuming, but generations will thank you for it.

It’s nice to know that I have readers out there other than Ben.

There is nothing else worthy to post about today. Just a picture of Blue with her favorite towel that she likes to chew.

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3 thoughts on “I talked to my Mom today and she said that she was…

  1. Chuck, I’m reading, that’s all that really matters. You have a dog, I envy you. My number one reason for potentially moving back is to get the biggest black and tan blood hound the world has ever seen and have him live in the bed of my ginourmous 4×4 while I frolick around country roads. My number two reason is bud’s like Chuck.

  2. Seth, your baby is getting SO BIG. How pretty is he??

    What are you and Miranda up to this weekend. Want to do dinner and a movie??

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