Dirty Paws

For the next day or two I will be fighting this as the dogs run in and out of the house. Last time it rained I set out a towel by the door to dry off their feet and accidentally left it outside the next day. The following Saturday I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up the remaining shreds of towel. The funny thing is that none of the above pictures are Olive’s paws as she refuses to leave the porch when it rains and she refuses to go to the bathroom if the grass is wet.

Yes, yesterday was a bit much, but work and life is really starting to grind on me (much like the forbidden dance). I know that I really have to relax, but it is very difficult for me. Nevertheless, I will revert back to my lighthearted banter and quasi-interesting links.

I want to give everyone enough notice, but here at puppydogblue we are going to do a day in the life on March 17th. I want everyone to break out their digital cameras and take five pictures, or a day in your life in five photos. I do not want to tell you how or what you should take pictures of, but these pictures do not necessarily have to be of yourself, i.e. no restrictions. If you do not have a blog then send the pictures to me at puppydogblue@gmail account or my private gmail account. So long as you identify yourself, I’ll do a very special post for each one of you that sends in your pictures. If you have your own blog then send me the link by email and I’ll post it here as well.

Great photo essay on The Morning News: “Cities change so quickly their postcards rarely resemble their current faces. Touring Europe and the U.S., French filmmaker Julien Donada restores a gallery of yesteryear’s cards to their original settings.”

Things to put on your sidebar of your blog.

I’m going logo-free this summer, but if you do not plan to do so then here’s Threadless.

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One thought on “Dirty Paws

  1. Happy Birthday to my 2nd favorite Jungman!! You were my 1st favorite up until May 21, 2005 🙂 I’m partial to your sweet wife!! Seriously, I hope you have a fabulous birthday!! Maybe we’ll see you sometime this weekend!

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