So many things to worry about so little time. Work, job, family. It’s enough to drive a man crazy. Nevertheless, we as human beings continue to chug along despite the constant hiccups or bumps in the road. Lots of things to write about, but this isn’t the right forum.

Just sit outside and smell, I think there’s a storm on the horizon.

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2 thoughts on “Worry

  1. I love it when you talk metaphor. Sorry about the email, it was a logo that I had prepared for my campaign. Also, happy birthday belated. Did Big T makes some BBQ brisket? Any special gifts? 32, right? goodtimes. Does Miranda ever let one rip in bed, and then pull the covers over your head. I hate it when Moe does that. She’s like a ninja, one moment I’m enjoying the Sportscenter, the next I’m in the third level of Hades. Smell that.
    Seriously, I need to be planning my short trips of leisure soon. No vacation fun during the summer. Time for a visit?
    Yeah, I smelled something last week. I took my nephew Wiley to the opening day of trout season at one of Missouri’s state parks. Wiley is awesome. He was born with one lung and catastrophic scoliosis, but the kid knows how to live. He has a huge afro, and chicks dig him. I digress. He loves to fish, which is why we played hooky to go to opening day, last Wednesday. In true Hillbilly fashion all the local schools shut down for opening day. It is truly THE event. Thousands of fisherman lined up along the river, shoulder to shoulder. Families, friends, together again, as they have done for generations. It is poetic chaos. After the first hour of fishing (Wiley caught his limit), we retire to the lodge to drink some coffee and socialize, and admire the stringers of fish that have been caught. This is when I wish I had my camera. Some fanciful person had rented a limo to cruise him through the park, while hanging out his window was his stringer full of fish, as if he were saying “Scoreboard”, to the rest of us. Please forward to Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a redneck if you rent a limo to show off a full stringer of fish.

  2. This post worries me. I hate being worried. Just sit back and smell, remember?!?! You just posted that a few days ago and now you’re worrying. This smelling stuff was supposed to be relaxing and healing, right? You and Miranda need to come see me and Stephen because I’m sad and blue without my Randa. And Stephen is sad and blue without his Seth-erino. So just bring Miranda over this weekend, K? Let’s go have dinner.

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