Garden of the Gods – Part II

These are incredible formations from the top of a small ridge within the paved portion of the park.

It’s pretty amazing that these rocks are holding each other up and that the erosion of these rocks formed in this particular fashion.

I think the other thing to emphasize is the size of these rocks and I think the tree gives a pretty good perspective.  This particular formation is probably 40 or 60 feet high.

My wonderful wife.

Me, climbing on a portion of the rocks that my wife was too afraid to go.

My wife again.

This formation is called Siamese Twins.  I don’t believe there’s any explanation necessary.

Miranda and I had about 20 minutes where we just sat, in the warm sun on the rocks right by this formation.  We had gotten to the park so early, we literally had a large portion of the park to ourselves.  This was one of the best moments of the trip.  We enjoyed the scenery all to ourselves, a really special moment.

Miranda and me.

I think a lot of photographers take this sort of picture where the hole in one of the Siamese Twin tower frames the mountain in the background.  As an aside, the mountain in the back ground is Pike’s Peak, which we visited the next day.

This is called the Balancing Rock and as far back as the early 1800’s this rock has been photographed.  At one time, this one guy claimed he owned the rock, but eventually the city of Colorado Springs purchased it from him.

When we started up a path from the Balancing Rock we happened upon a deer.

Miranda and myself near the Balancing Rock.

Hiking in the wide-open range.

Heading back towards the main area.

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