Seven Falls – Part I

After the Garden of the Gods we decided to go to Seven Falls.  For the life of me I cannot remember how much admission to this place was, but after it was all said and done, I didn’t think that it was worth the amount.  Seven Falls is a large cliff with, you guessed it, seven different falls.  More detailed pictures of the seven falls will follow in the next post.  The first decision a person is faced when arriving at Seven Falls is whether one should take the elevator or the stairs.  Being real troopers, we decided that we only live once and we should take the stairs, all 185 stairs.

After getting to the topo of the Eagle’s Nest we decided to make another climb along the stairway of Seven Falls that you’ll see in the next post.  Once again, big mistake as I believe that it was at least 250 stairs to the top.  At the top you could then take a trail to see Helen Hunt Jackson’s grave.  We didn’t know who the heck she was and so off we went.  Below is Miranda and myself along this trail.

Miranda really liked this sign and it is her request that this is posted.

I can’t remember where this was at, but it looks nice.

At the gravesite of Helen Hunt Jackson.

Miranda was without her shades, hence the disappointed face.


Above was taken at the top of the second set of stairs (to Helen Hunt Jackson’s grave.  It’s a long ways down.

These two photos were taken with the tungsten filter.  The photo below looks like it could have been taken at night, but it was taken during daylight hours.


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