Pike’s Peak

Tuesday morning Miranda and I drove to Manitou Springs, Colorado to make our way up to Pike’s Peak. There are a couple of ways to get up this mountain, the first is to drive, without guardrails, the second is to climb up and the third is to take a train. We opted for the train. It is a 3 hour round-trip and well worth the money, especially since it costs money to drive (I think $10 per person) and the wear and tear on the breaks on the way down the mountain.

Below is some info on the peak itself.

The scenery here is the inspiration for America the Beautiful.

This is a picture of the train and the worst part about the train is the obscured views.

One of the two stations close to the top of the mountain.

The following are a series of pictures from the peak. When we got there Miranda looked around for a few minutes and decided that it was so cold that she was going to go inside the gift shop.

Incredible views of the surrounding area.

I believe the furry creature is the yellow-bellied marmot.

At the top with my wife.

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