Cottonwood Pass and Ptarmigan Lake

On Tuesday afternoon Miranda and I drove to Buena Vista and Wednesday morning she and I got up early to do some hiking. Initially we drove 20 miles up the mountain to Cottonwood Pass, which lies on the continental divide. Of course everyone knows that the continental divide is the point where the watershed divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. After driving to the top and freezing our rears off, I took a couple of pictures and we drove down 5 miles to Ptarmigan Lake, which turned out to be a blessing.

At Ptarmigan Lake we were a little worried because we were the only ones who were there. Not being expert hikers, we thought that this 3.3 mile hike better be worth the trip, or rather, there better be a payoff, something spectacular at the top of this hike. At the end, we weren’t disappointed.

Please notice the 4 day beard and how awesome I look. This is me after the hike, but I thought that this better described what what we were about to climb.

This is the first and only river that we crossed, I thought that this would be the end result of what fed the lake that we were about to hike towards, but until we got to the top, we weren’t sure.

Parts of the climb was a bit rocky, if you were to look down this cliff face then you’d find a very steep and very jagged set of rocks.

I must say that I was very proud of my wife, she was wonderful and she really was excited to do this with me, in fact we both stated that this was something that we always wanted to do, but just never did.

Flowers on the trail.

There’s no filter here, just clear beautiful blue sky framed by pine trees. Beautiful.

My wife keeps moving forward.

This stream was near the top of where we ended up, up.

This was my wife and I as we reached the top of our little journey.

Miranda takes it in.

From what I recall, a flat portion on top of a mountain is called a park and this was a truly amazing view of the park at the top of the mountain, opposite of Ptarmigan Lake.

Blue filter, looking up at the sky and the sun.

Ptarmigan Lake.

This is the small snow drift/glacier that partially fed the lake.

The mountain side.

There was no doubt that this was our best day. Miranda and I had 20 minutes where we just sat and enjoyed the scenery, sitting on some rocks, basking in the sun, loving each other.

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2 thoughts on “Cottonwood Pass and Ptarmigan Lake

  1. you and hetty are getting extremely sentimental as the years go by. i think i called hetty a “sappy bastard” the other day in his comments. i hope this is just a phase b/c the guys i know and love are meatheads. anyway, get all that “basking in the sun, loving each other” out of your system for the next few years, b/c when i come back, it’s meathead time.

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