The Royal Gorge

Friday morning Miranda and I got up early and headed for Canon City, Colorado to see the Royal Gorge, the world’s highest suspension bridge. Because we made it there before their normal business hours, we were able to get into the park for the early bird special price of $14 per person instead of $21 per person. I know this would make some of you feel old, however, I was very excited as the prospect of saving money and not worried about being labeled something else.

When you first enter the park, there’s a really neat water-clock.

Here’s some history on the bridge.

This picture is looking off of a ledge about 15 feet away from the cliff. I was nervous.

Artsy picture of a tree.

A wide shot of the gorge.

The bridge was really incredible. The bridge is really just a bunch of small wires holding up and spanning this massive structure. What you walked on to go across was wood planks, nothing special. Some of them didn’t seem to be screwed into the structure itself.

The wires.

A shot of the gorge from the bridge.

It’s hard to explain how thin these wires are, they are no bigger than 10 or 12 gauge wire. Strength in numbers.

Most people walk across the bridge, however there were some individuals who drove across the bridge. Because it’s a suspension bridge it is susceptible to swaying and it is certainly a strange feeling.


A white buffalo.

What is up.

My wife and myself.

We were able to take this cart down to the bottom of the gorge, this is a picture going down.

The Arkansas River, which I believe is the same rive which flows through Tulsa, OK.

A view of the bridge from the river.

A view of the cart and tracks. It took 5 minutes to get to the bottom and 5 minutes to get to the top.


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