Vail, Colorado

Miranda and I arrived in the Breckenridge area on Wednesday afternoon and we decided to go to Vail on Thursday morning.  Needless to say, Vail is perfect.  Too perfect.  There are all of these perfect shops with perfect shop owners and everyone appears to have lots of money, it was all just a little too perfect for my taste. 

We started by trying to hike a little on some of Vail’s mountain trails but we quickly realized that it wasn’t very much fun hiking on ski trails and so we abandoned our little trek about an hour or so into the trip.  The remaining pictures are from the town of Vail.  As an aside, my favorite picture is the one where the dog is sleeping in the storefront window.

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5 thoughts on “Vail, Colorado

  1. you’re correct, Vail is awesome. never been there in the summer, but qeez winter is nice. shoulda let me know, i’ve got a few hook-ups over there. your blog makes me happy.

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