Two Large Dead Trees

Miranda and I have been blessed because we have some really large trees in our yard. When we first moved into our house we had six huge oak tress. Whether it be because of the extreme drought from this summer or just old age, two of my six trees have died. Because of their size I don’t think that either myself or my friends will be able to take these down without causing some serious damage. This first tree has a weird growth coming out of one of the branches (pictures to come later) and this tree was destined to die sooner rather than later.

This tree has been damaged in other ways. If you look to the left of the tree there’s a large portion of the tree that fell off at some point and then and compare it with the center of the tree. This tree was supposed to be my treehouse tree, but for whatever reason (mainly laziness or lack of follow-through) this never happened. There’s a greater than zero chance that if not properly cut down, this tree could fall directly into my neighbor’s home, which would be really bad.

Since I’ve got nothing else tonight, I give you dogs. As an aside, many times I have attempted to capture Olive as she comes back towards the house after using the “bathroom” and she has the most empty look I have ever seen in a dog in my entire life. Her eyes get real big and it’s like she’s in a complete daze. In this picture, Blue’s about the bite the crap out of her neck.

Zoey looking for love.

In response to Ben’s comment about Mo getting a husky or something of this ilk. I am only speaking for myself, but I will never get another particular breed of a dog. Now, I think that Miranda will want another Pug and she has mentioned before that she wants a Great Dane (although this is doubtful on my watch), but personally, I would much rather just save a dog from the pound. Our best dogs (in other words, dogs with the least amount of health problems) are muts and although we weren’t sure what we were going to get, they’ve both been really good sweet puppy dogs. I would be willing to bet that you’d eventually find a husky type of dog at the pound given some time. You should also be aware that you will clean up an incredible amount of dog hair. We have to vacuum or sweep at least once every two days, and we could really do it once a day if we had the time.

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One thought on “Two Large Dead Trees

  1. Good point. There is no greater beating than the constant dog hair. Especially that that you can not see. I’ve gotten to the point in this house where I am seeing how long I can go until the hair engulfs and overruns our lives. Maybe the hair will scare away the snakes, mice, and doodle bugs that have inhabitted our dwelling.

    Really I’m just lazy too.

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