Four Birthdays, First Monday and a Baptism

Very busy weekend with lots of family things going on.

Friday night we celebrated Miranda’s, Saralyn’s, Marilea’s and Mom’s birthdays at Saralyn’s home. The gumbo was great and Miranda and I left early enough to check out the new addition to the Northpark mall.

Mom, Grace and Miranda.

I’m sure that Darius is proud, Grace and Jensen fighting over a doll.

Blake, Thea and Marilea. I apologize in advance for the lack of quality, but lack of a flash, my poor photograph skills and not enough light = poor photo quality.

Saralyn, Ryan and Jensen.


Saturday morning, Miranda and I went to First Monday. The weather was perfect and we had a really nice time. Now, the biggest problem I have with First Monday is the number of perfectly healthy and capable people who insist on driving a Rascal or buggy. I know that we see these people at Wal-Mart who are so large they can’t even walk through the grocery store, yet they are purchasing 24 glazed donuts, driving in these machines. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people are hadicapped, that’s not who I’m talking about here. They infuriate me and it’s easy to see why America is fat, we’re too lazy to walk. In fact there was a woman driving one of these devices, smoking a cigarette, and nearly running over a child. Priceless.

Finally, we had Thea Rose’s baptism on Saturday night. The problem here was that I was trying to man two cameras at one time, thus causing to miss some of the action. I’ll post some of the better ones and leave the rest up to you to view on Flickr.

Thea is not only almost complete in the water, but she is getting drenched. The priest made the comment that none of the 3 (?) girls who were baptized that night made any noise, that this would likely change over the years.

These next 3 shots are me trying to get a little fancy and take some artsy photos. I like the ones with the close-up of Thea’s hand and the picture of Marilea, Blake and Thea standing at the front at the end of church. I also realize that black and white photography may be a little much in this case, but it just looked better for the situation. No rhyme or reason.

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