Nothing Today

I’ve really got nothing today and I’ve made it a fairly regular practice to post on Wednesday so I’m just posting some links I’ve stumbled upon recently:

How to take fantastic digital photographs.

Create your own seal like I did on the upper left portion of the old blog.

Click on this link to find out everything you wanted to know about your birthday.

If you have a Dell make sure that your battery won’t explode.

I’m thinking that we are all due for a writing assignment in the near future. I haven’t quite figured out what it will be, but be keeping this in mind. As as aside, I believe I like writing more in the winter than in the summer and the winter is slowly creeping up on all of us.

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One thought on “Nothing Today

  1. I have been off the grid the last couple of weeks. Missed some of your posts. I concur with regard to the “go-buggys” use in public areas. Especially humorous to me, was in one of your photos the go-buggy had a #24 sticker on it. This denotes his allegiance to a NASCAR driver. The irony of having a NASCAR sticker on a go-buggy makes me laugh.
    Alas, I will probably not visit your other blog site, given my utter lack of interst in red raider football. Good luck with that.
    Finally, Frank Gore was a football stud yesterday. Goodtimes. I crushed my Week 1 opponent.

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