I want to thank Duk for participating in the 9.11 …

I want to thank Duk for participating in the 9.11 assignment, he’s a really good writer, which I am sure is a product of years of law school. He has some really nice points and I encougage all of you to write about that day. I promise it will be good therapy.

So, we actually had a pretty nice shower Monday afternoon and I didn’t take any pictures of rain so I know that you’ll all be disappointed about that. Lucky for you, I do have more pictures of dogs so don’t worry.





Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. First, it’s the start of football season and this makes me happy. Secondly, we get new TV shows. Entertainment Weekly has a breakdown on the new shows for the fall. My money is on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and 30 Rock.

I also stumbled upon a website that was one of my staple websites during my time in Austin when I was really bored. It’s just a guy’s photos of and around NYC and other places. Check out Lightning Field. Also linked on this website is a compilation of photos taken 9.11.01 and photos taken at the very same places on 9.11.06.

Miranda and I are going to the Tech v. TCU game in Ft. Worth this weekend. Of course, you can expect lots of pictures, hopefully of a Tech victory. Go Raiders.

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