Texas Tech v. TCU

We spent the day, literally, in Fort Worth yesterday at the Texas Tech and TCU football game. It was hot, and a bit windy but otherwise a really good time, despite the fact that Tech didn’t play very well at all.

We have some house-cleaning issues to consider before getting to yesterday’s activities. First, the question came up as to the size of Central Park, NY. Well, it’s 843 acres and you can learn more here and find lots of pictures here. Thus, we can definitively say that it’s not 100 acres and it’s not 30.

Some girls pawning Coors Light hats and coozies approached our group, and I had watched before as they quizzed individuals on college mascots. I mentioned to my wife that I know almost every mascot, it’s one of my strange talents. Most of the mascots were easy except for the Tennessee, which is the blood hound. Most know of my freaky sports knowledge, which has no practical purpose, except to impress at parties. I am reminded of the challenge in law school my first year and someone didn’t think that I really knew where every NBA player played in college. Once again, my sports prowess was unmatched as I no one could match my wits. Nowadays, I do not think that I could do this as I have lost touch with a number of basketball players and my passion has waned a bit, but I think I still know most of them.

Here’s me after winning the Coors Light challenge.


Stephen and Ashley


Ashley T. and Miranda


Miranda, Stephen and Justin


Ashley F. and Miranda


Ashley F. and Ashley T., Ashley F. was obsessed with taking pictures of random people, and yet, it’s art.




The stadium.


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2 thoughts on “Texas Tech v. TCU

  1. We talked about this yesterday and I came upon an answer…
    The crowd of 45,647 was the first sellout at Amon Carter Stadium since 1984 when TCU hosted Texas.

  2. You’ve got to work on your little gang sign at the top of the page. You are too cool. Almost as cool as me getting volleyball stuffed by Stretch as it was captured on still shot. I’m still bitter about that.

    And I think your allegiance should lie with Tulsa and not Tech. They beat a powerhouse this weekend.

    “Ka Kaw, Ka Kaw”

    Did you hear that….

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