The Possum

Last week, Thursday I think, Ashley F. notified me that there was something in one of our trees that was causing the dogs to go beserk. In the back, inside a cavity of one of the trees along our fence was a possum. Notice how menacing this sucker is, you can thank me later for taking these daring pictures and bringing you these exclusive pictures.

There’s a couple of things to mention here. The first is DailyLit. The concept is that they will email you a portion of a book as often as you like. The thought being that so few of us take the time to actually read, but if what we had to read was condensed into smaller, bite-size portions, then we can probably handle that. Right now I’m reading “Famous Stories that Every Child Should Know.” Don’t get any bright ideas, I haven’t been reading very much and I wanted something that might keep me interested. Also, it’s only 116 parts and I didn’t want to delve into Les Miserable which is 679 parts and if read everyday would take a good part of two years.

Lifehacker had a nice article about printing poster size images of your pictures and they recommended Pictopia. At some point in my life, I hope to have taken a picture that would be worthy enough of being made into a poster. Some day.

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