It’s Almost Hat Day

Friday is hat day for me. It’s the first day of the week that I allow myself to wear a hat. It signifies that it’s the end of the week and the weekend is here. This past week has been incredibly trying and difficult and it will take at least two posts, probably done tomorrow night or Saturday morning to figure it all out. The nuts and bolts of the story are as follows:

1. Friday I drove to Tulsa for fellowship with Ben, Beano and Big Time.
2. I got a call Saturday morning from my Mom who told me that my Grandfather died.
3. I drove back home Saturday evening.
4. On Sunday morning I drove with my parents and my older brother to Castroville for my Grandfather’s funeral.
5. I attend my Grandfather’s service Sunday night.
6. I attend my Grandfather’s burial service Monday morning.
7. On Monday morning Miranda calls me and tells me that her Grandfather died that morning.
8. Monday afternoon I drove home with my parents and my older brother.
9. I attend Miranda’s Grandfather’s viewing Wednesday night.
10. I attend Miranda’s Grandfather’s burial service Thursday afternoon.

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One thought on “It’s Almost Hat Day

  1. I’m so sorry to hear all of this. I bet you are physically and emotionally drained. You can post 100,000 different thoughts about death and I think it’s still one of those things that we’ll never fully understand until we meet our maker. At any rate, know that your friends love you and are praying for you guys as you go through this tough time.

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