Tulsa Fellowship

The weekend could not have started any better. Hat Day came a day early as I had taken the day off on Friday to visit Ben, Beano and Big Time for a little bit of fellowship. As all things with my law school group it is always a good time.

The trip to Tulsa was uneventful.


I kept thinking that this trip would have been a lot more fun with Blue, but I doubt that Big Time would have appreciated an unexpected, but lovable, puppy dog.


Duk, who’s just an attorney from a small Missouri town.


Beano looks pretty damned happy to see me.


Big Time’s house.


I don’t know exactly how this started, but in order to play washers we have to choose teams. Through the process of “Choose the Rock” Beano and I became partners.

Duk doing his best.


Beano is taking control.


Big Time on home turf.


Now, I may embellish the final score, but I know that Beano and I put a whoppin’ on Duk and Big Time the first two games. Duk and Big Time won the next game and then Beano and I won the last game. At some point during the match, as Beano probably sunk another washer, I yelled Wolverines and little did I know the name would stick the rest of the weekend.

This is a License for Prostitution for Midnight Rose. Beano and Duk made Big Time purchase this at the last gun show they attended. Please click on the largest version as it appears that Marshall Wyatt Earp executed this document. I have no way of knowing if this is an accurate document, but it’s neat nonetheless.


The next game on tap was Pitch. Now, I’ve only played Pitch one other time and it’s a lot like Spades. Once again, it was team Wolverine versus two guys who have not been able to think of a cool team name.

Bigs and Beano.


Beano and Duk.


Me and my hot double chin.


After three games, Beano and I, I mean Team Wolverine, handed it to the Thundersticks. It’s not a bad name, but it’s not Team Wolverine.



The final and third match was golf. It had been approximately 10 years since Beano last played and it was approximately 1 year since I last played. We knew that the Wolverines were in for a fight. For those of you who don’t know, those sunglasses that Beano is wearing are original Oakleys and they are 15 years old. That is awesome.


Team Thunderstick.




Big Time.




Unfortunately for Team Wolverine, we could not overcome a 20 stroke differential, however, Team Wolverine was still up two events to one. We headed home and watched the second half of the Texas Tech v. A & M. Lucky for me, the game ended well, as did my weekend with my partners.

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2 thoughts on “Tulsa Fellowship

  1. Well, there was certainly an editorial spin to your commentary. Very good job with the photos. I appreciate your effort to make the fellowship weekend and to take time to post it on your blog. I know that it was difficult, given the passing of your grandfather.

    You said to me not so long after graduation, that these friendships and bonds that we built through our time in Tulsa were important, and to maintain them after we all went our separate ways would require sacrifice and effort. Thankfully, most of us have been able to continue with that commitment. Each time we come together, I am reminded of the those times together in Tulsa, but I am also reminded of those reasons why I value the friendships of that time. I value these friendships today, probably more than I did then.

    While it is true that time and distance separates our daily lives, the common thread of kinship I share with this group will continue to inspire me and compel me to try and organize these weekends for fellowship. We are not the same people we were in school, but the character, values, intangible elements of personality continue.

    Wolverines suck.


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