Curly Is Muddy

Curly is muddy.


It’s pretty quiet on the homefront. Work is going well, slowly, but surely I am crossing things off of my wife’s “to-do” list with the house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crossing them off quickly enough, but things are slowly but surely being completed.

I am obsessed with making the internet easier for everyone to use, these are all things that have been said before, but if you don’t have a start page then check out Pageflakes. It’s kind of like Google Reader, but instead of just checking feeds, you can check your email, what’s being submitted on Flickr, YouTube, the weather, news, sports, etc. If you’re really interested, here’s a better description here.

Consumerist is a website dedicated to saving you money.

At the Dallas Museum of Art there is a Van Gogh exhibit, Sheaves of Wheat, beginning October 22, 2006. I have been fortunate enough to go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Without a doubt it was one of the highlights of my trip to Europe. I cannot recall a time when there was a Van Gogh exhibit in Dallas (this is not to say that this hasn’t happened) and I will do everything within my power to make my wife go see this exhibit. I am not an expert in art and stuff, in fact I couldn’t tell you the first thing about Van Gogh other than he chopped off his ear, but there’s something to his work that’ absolutely incredible and everyone should have the opportunity to see it. Even if my wife doesn’t want to go, I’ll go if someone else is up for it.

A pretty amazing set of photographs at the Morning News – American Cities.

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  1. Please help me post more than 5 pictures at a time. I have 10 from the state fair. Do I need to do two posts?

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