No Dogs

Which one of these do you like better? They are from the exact same time (seconds apart), but the tungsten filter is on the first photo. There’s something nice about both, the tungsten filter seems like it’s shot at sundown rather than sunrise.

I found this new application, Paint.NET, which could be both a blessing and a curse as I already spend too much time on the computer. Now I’ll be spending time fixing photos. I have yet to download this application, and I’ll try and provide my own review in time, but it seems to be a winner (thanks to Techcrunch).

Last night I had a couple of conversations:
1. For Leslie re. travel: pretty good travel website, RealTravel, and has lots of great content (thanks again to Techcrunch).
2. Shoutout to Lori R. thanks for reading.

Lifehacker had a nice post about free stuff to help you on your computer. One of the things that I worry about is viruses and it’s nice to know that there are free downloads for free anti-virus software, ClaimWin.

Perhaps my best internet find, every episode of The Office on TV Links, available to watch in order to waste away your day. Other than having to create a profile, there’s no issues. I watched this and this the other night.

Thanks to Kottke, he found this snipet about Philippe Halsman, a photographer, who asked some of his subjects to jump. This is a pretty good bit, and it might break up the monotony of posed smiley pictures. I’ll be looking to Greggy and Chris for David Lee Roth jumps/kicks.

I’ve tried to stay quiet about this for a while, but I have finally been working out. Not exactly like my wife would want, but enough for me. I’ve been doing push-ups and crunches and slowly but surely I can do 125 to 130 over 5 sets. When I first started, I was only able to do 20 in my first set and 50 or so total. After 50 I was completely spent. Now, I can do 50 push-ups in my first set. I know, no one likes a braggart, but it’s my small contribution to my own health. I’ve been using Joe’s Goals to keep track of my progress.

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