365 Days of Pictures

I got home on Wednesday for lunch and this is what I saw. I hurriedly grabbed my camera thinking that Bella, Justin F. and Ashley F.’s dog, would jump down and as a result lose the moment. I snap a couple of pictures and she’s still sitting there. I make and eat my sandwich and I go to put my plate in the dishwasher and low and behold she’s still sitting there.

First things first. I am not working out because of my sweetheart, I am working out because I’ve always worked out, at least until I got a real job (i.e. being an attorney). I was tired and just didn’t care. Miranda has motivated me to start doing something, anything. Ideally, she’d like for me to get a little cardio in my life, but I’m not real interested in that right now and I know she’s only looking out for my best interest, but it just doesn’t interest me at this point.

Sorry about last night. I was able to post to RaiderRedNation, but after that I couldn’t access Blogger. For those of you who expect Wednesday night/Thursday morning updates, I’m sorry.

So, I’ve given quite a bit of thought to this idea lately, the idea of a year’s worth of pictures, take at least one picture each day. Here are my problems with this idea. The first problem is the biggest problem. I am not that creative. When I see something interesting or neat I take a picture of it. Sometimes it’s a mood thing, sometimes I really get motivated to go find something to photograph. Unfortunately, my job does not allow me to do this. I drive less than 3 miles, round trip, each day. There’s not a lot of scenery to take in on this short tip. In other words, it’s not like I ride the subway to work everyday and there’s the possibility of something interesting every day. So we’ve established that I’m not very original, but where does that leave me with this project. I could take a picture of a seemingly static object (i.e. my face) everyday and chronicle the change throughout the year or do the same with Blue, but one of the keys to keeping an audience, and yes, I know that not everyone takes pictures of their dogs like they are your children, but I think that’s all I got. I could take pictures of small objects, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing really exciting about that.

If I decide to do this I’ll let everyone know. It’s also somewhat strange in that if I miss a day, there’s no going back. Experiment failed. Feedback would be great, but I know that it is not expected.

Topic change: is anyone enjoying the links? At some point I thought it would be a good idea to provide something to those of you who work all day and enjoy the interesting link here and there. I wanted to make this website a little “life friendly”. For instance, Line Rider is awesome and you could literally spend the entire day doing this (via Kottke).

If you don’t view Rocketboom everyday then you’re missing out on a little piece of the world. I really liked the episode for October 26, 2006.

I read about this fella sometime ago and started freaking out about how someone could knowingly do this to themselves. Essentially, he tried to get rich quick by playing the real estate market. Purchase some homes, fix them up and turn them around before you’re out any money. In theory, this is a great idea. Unfortunately, life usually isn’t that simple. By the way, if you don’t stop by Get Rich Slowly, then you’re missing out on some really good and simple investment advice. Nothing flashy (imagine that), but really solid advice.

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One thought on “365 Days of Pictures

  1. bella’s head looks so small in that picture!! it’s hysterical.

    i would have a problem with your assignment. some days i have more than one really great photo, and other days (like today) i’ve simply got no creative juices in me. maybe a better idea would be “capturing your life in 20 photos” or something like that. i dunno…the idea that someone who doesn’t know you could look at 20 photos with captions and see a complete representation of who you are is kinda neat. possible? not sure. but neat.

    p.s. stephen was votest “neatest” at kaufman high school. maybe that’s why i subconciously overuse the word neat when describing things. food for thought.

    see you tonight. hope you bring us something better than a lion tonight.

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