365 Days of Pictures – Take Two


I probably didn’t do a great job of explaining myself on the prior post. I don’t think I could ever get by with doing one photo a day, but rather, what if I forced myself to take at least one photo per day. For instance, Saturday and Sunday were not eventful, so I didn’t take any pictures. But then we are blessed with those days where you can’t take enough photos, or like the photo above, are awesome photos. But I guess this is the challenging part, the days where two things have to happen: I have to do something to create a picture or I have to do something with my life to find that moment. I will have to go out of my way to take at least one photo a day, and since Ashley T. has provided some sort of feedback, which is appreciated, I guess I’ll start on November 1st. That’s a nice clean date. And yes, I think it will be neat.

Does anyone else use their deodorant for an extremely long period of time? I looked at the trademark date on my deodorant, which I realize is not an indicator of much, and it says 2004. That’s a really long time for a health care product that I use every day, well almost everyday. Also, I am the type of person who always purchases the replacement health care product before I need to and I purchased a new deodorant in August thinking that I was close to running out, out. Well, I’m still plugging along, and the way things look, it will be the new year before I use the new deodorant.

A big congratulations to Duk and Beano whose St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series. I live for the time that my team wins a championship. Last year when the Mavs went to the NBA Finals I had such a feeling of accomplishment and pride, despite the fact that I had nothing to do with their victory in the very least. Being a fan is such a strange thing and we all take it so personally when we lose and win. Bygones. As an aside, when I went to Tulsa for a little fellowship a portion of the weekend was spent trying to figure out how Houston could overtake the Cardinals to get into the playoffs and watching the scroll on ESPNews for a score update. That’s what it means to be a fan.

Who needs to find discount codes for online stores? RetailMeNot (thanks Consumerist).

Two different types of time wasters: Marvin Spectrum (thanks Lifehacker) and the Time photographers Whitehouse photo blog (thanks Kottke).

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One thought on “365 Days of Pictures – Take Two

  1. are my eyes deceiving me, or could it possibly be that you have no plans from November 18th through March 9th? i’m baffled. time for a 30 boxes update. and i hope that the annual Hetmer Christmas party makes the cut! good times. you and your wife are neat.

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