Recent Convesation

This is a simulation of a conversation I had with my wife last night while she’s on the computer:

Miranda: Aren’t these jeans cute?
Me: I guess, don’t all girl jeans really look the same? I don’t think I could tell one pair of jeans from another.
Miranda: No, they’re not all the same, these are much cuter than what I have.
Me: Humh.
Me: Don’t you already have a lot of jeans?
Miranda: No.
Me: Are you sure those are almost exactly like a pair you already have?
Miranda: No.

By the way, do I realize that this facsimile of a conversation will get me in trouble? Yes.

Here’s the problem. I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans since I met Miranda. I think I’ve bought a crap pair of jeans at the Gap Outlet, but that really can’t count. By the way, that time period includes dating. So we’re going on about 5 years since I bought a new pair of jeans. I currently have two pair of J. Crew jeans that are part of my weekend attire which were the last real pair of jeans I purchased. I don’t know anyone that care less about clothes than myself. Seriously, it’s really sad. Sometimes when I get dressed for work I think about how bad I look and then I go get some more coffee.

Recently, I thought that I need to make some new clothes purchases, mainly consisting of some new wool pants. I seriously doubt that anyone shops for wool pants, but if you need a good pair then try LandsEnd. I know, that sounds like some place your grandfather would shop, but I’ve looked, trust me, for wool pants and there just aren’t any that look good and are as well made.

Halloween photos by this weekend, I promise.

Here’s a couple of links:

First, I tried to talk Miranda into letting me buy this desk or bookshelf or something because it would be nearly impossible for me to break this “assemble at your own risk” furniture. I can do this, RealSimpleFurniture.

At some point I’m going to buy a DSLR camera. Of course, I over research everything and ran across this article.

102 Personal Financial Tips Your Professor Never Taught You. Simple advice is usually the best advice. I like #89.

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