2006 Christmas Party

The 2006 annual Christmas party was controversial and fun all at the same time. Richie was boycotting the gift exchange because someone thought it best not to celebrate baby Jesus’ birth with sexual gag gifts. Despite Richie’s vocal protest, we managed. We were in the Hetmer’s new home, along with high a definition Maverick game in the background. I ended up with a Wheel of Fortune video game bought by Stephen. Ryan H. was not too fond of this gift, however, I knew that someday it would be complete gold. Miranda received a Starbucks coffee mug, some toffee cookies and a new Starbucks mug. Enough with my banter, onto the pictures.

Richie, Ashley F. and Chris, enjoying HD goodness.


Holly, her brother (I forgot his name) and Landy gathered by the Christmas tree.


Brandon and Janelle.


Miranda and Leslie R.


Tony R. relaxing and, despite his potential misgivings, his first appearance on Puppy Dog Blue.


Max and Cash, I always forget which ones are which, but that’s them.


Courtney, Greggy, Tony (remember, he was in the chair), Holly’s brother, and Ryan H.


Ashley T., Ashley F., Richie, Chris and Courtney.


Ashley F., Courtney, and Greggo.


We begin the gift exchange and Ryan is hugely disappointed by the infamous Wheel of Fortune video game. Little does he know, he’ll be giving up the best gift.


Landy, Caylie and Matthew. Matthew seems unimpressed with some sort of liquor and glasses to boot.


Ashley F., overly excited about a Starbuck’s gift card.


Wow, I can’t believe Ashley F.’s luck, of all the presents she could have picked, she picked the one she wanted. What are the odds?


Miranda properly choosing her gift, from the floor.


Courtney and Greggo enjoying something that I can’t remember right now.


The most beautiful woman in the room.


Tony R. discusses some sort of gift exchange with Ryan and Holly.


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2 thoughts on “2006 Christmas Party

  1. a little lax on content, but at least you have returned to your roots. Christmas party looked like goodtimes. Hope all the Jungmans had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Looking forward to more posts now that bowl game and historical record are finished.

    I have a case the last week of February, so maybe the first part of March would be good for fellowship? Pick some dates.


  2. Cash is the black one, like Johnny Cash “The Man In Black”. Max is the khaki one.

    Blackie and Khaki
    Salt and Pepper
    Ebony and Ivory living in perfect harmony.

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