Christmas 2006

I didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures of the whole family this year and I didn’t take any pictures at the , but took a couple pictures of the dogs.



My wife and her mother believe that dogs love these stuffed animals that squeak or honk. I know it’s a little gory, but here’s what’s left of a rooster, legs and a head. I know, it’s graphic, but it’s the truth.


Blue and Zoey, enjoying their Christmas prey.


Other remnants of said turkey, avert your eyes.


Christmas was wonderful and too short. This time of year always seems like the holiday season is too quick and I’m reminded that I haven’t had any significant time off since the Colorado vacation.

I know that PDB has lacked for content recently and I blame Double T Nation. It’s gotten to the point where the only television that I watch is sports. I’ve even stopped watching some of my favorite programs: The Office, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl, Heroes, etc. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, it’s good from the standpoint that I’m not spending my time in front of the television, but it’s bad because I spend all of my time in front of the computer. Pretty soon, I will lose any and all references to pop culture phenomenons or quirky sayings on hit television shows.

I think that eventually, I’ll find a happy medium, as Duk said last weekend, I’m all jazzed up about the Double T stuff that it will eventually lose it’s luster. Not to mention, it’s the football offseason, and once basketball is over, I’ll be left to write about college baseball? How will I fill the time, how will I keep my readers interested? So many questions and so few answers.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep plugging on forward, realizing that this may become more of a photo blog than anything else. I will always continue to take pictures, I can promise that.

Which reminds me that we should all start encouraging my beautiful and wonderful wife to allow me to purchase a new sweet and totally awesome digital SLR camera. A subtle email to her wouldn’t hurt.

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