Greg’s Wedding

This past weekend was Greg’s and Courtney’s wedding.  The main reason I took this picture was that it reminded me of the movie Fandango where I believe Kevin Costner and the female character get married in a small Texas town, complete with Christmas lights along the square, and the whole town celebrates.  Much like the movie, it felt like everyone was there at the wedding and the reception.

The Armory.

The Armory

Jake and Leslie

My wife.

This guy was responsible for flip-cup.

Someone likes the Cowboys.

Ties flipped back and a game of flip-cup was on.

See the buy in the back with the crazy hair?  That the Storm and he’s so giddy that everyone is playing his favorite game.  Look how gay (i.e. happy) and nervous he looks, it’s awesome.

But look at him now, he’s uncontrollably excited and so preparing himself for the endeavor he’s about to undertake.  Taking a shot of beer and then flipping a cup.  Nothing was more serious than this moment at this time.

Nick, Justin and Cody.

Me and the love of my life.

Finally, I leave you with this conversation, most of which is accurate:

Justin:  Okay, I’ve loaded all of the remaining beer from the reception into a cooler and it’s in my truck.

Cody:  Well, how many beers are there, you know, if you had to guess?

Justin:  I don’t know, I mean I have every remaining beer, there’s probably 50 or 60 beers at a minimum.

Cody:  We’re going to need 3 more cases of beer.

And, scene.  It may not translate well to PDB, but at the time, it was pure gold.

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6 thoughts on “Greg’s Wedding

  1. I hope any and everybody realizes the greatness we have in Mr. Jungman. I am not ashamed to admit that I love this guy.

  2. I hope any and everyone realizes the greatness we have in Mr. Jungman. And i am not afraid to admit I love this guy.

  3. Nick has Vista, that’s right and he’s slowly but surely getting more in tune with technology. Oh wait, we’re having a conversation. Forget all of that.

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