Trip to Ireland – Killarney, Part II

Digression:  If anyone wants me to email them some of these pictures, I’d be more than happy to, just drop me an email or leave a comment.

After a couple our trip to Blarney, Sweet Sweet and I took the bus to Killarney where we had previously booked a hostel.  I know what most of you are thinking, that the hostel would be a real dump, but it was actually pretty nice.  We had a room to ourselves (bunkbeds – yah!) and it was quiet.  The hostel was about 3 miles out of town, which was the biggest drawback.


When we get to our hostel, we decide to take a walk on a trail along a golf course.  Eventually, the trail would hit the Killarney National Forest.

Sweet Sweet.


A man and his dogs.

A concrete fence, who would have thought.

At the end of the trail was this beautiful pasture, complete with a picturesque church in the background (I believe it was St. Mary’s, Killarney’s local Catholic church).

Sweet Sweet and I just keep on walking and we are right in the thick of Killarney National Park.  We see a sign for Ross Castle and because we have nothing else better to do, we keep on walking.

Ross Castle.

Trying to be artistic.

Sweet Sweet in front of the lake next to Ross Castle, followed by some incredibly good looking  fellow.

As we began the trip back, we realized that we were only 500 meters from the town of Killarney (yes, that means we walked over 3 miles) so we headed into town and found a nice little restaurant called Danny Mann, had a few pints of beer, I had fish and chips, the first of the trip, and we took a cab back to the hostel (walking at this point was not an option as it was raining).

Dinner at the Danny Mann.

From this day forward, it rained every day.   The next post won’t be very long as we trekked by bicycle to Muckross House and Muckross Abbey, in the rain.

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