Trip to Ireland – Muckross Abbey and Muckross House, Part III

Okay, this is the day that the rains really came down.  Sweet Sweet and I decided the day before that we would rent bikes and ride them all day.  Traveler Tip:  this is a bad idea to do in the rain.  The rain started out light, but after an hour or so of riding a bike in the rain, it gets to a person.

We were riding to Muckross Abbey and Muckross House, they were in the Killarney National Park.  When we arrived at Muckross Abbey it was in the middle of some serious renovation so you won’t see any pictures of the outside, but the cemetery surrounding the abbey was nice and the yew tree in the middle of the abbey was pretty neat.

On our way to Muckross House there was a small clearing where you could see an island that I thought was pretty neat.

I didn’t take any pictures when we got to Muckross House because of the rain.  I didn’t want to ruin the camera (I’d rather be safe than sorry).  We decided to get out of the rain and take the tour of the house itself.  It was incredibly beautiful, but there was one funny instance.  It was almost the end of the tour and we were the bathroom that was built for Queen Victoria.  Sweet Sweet and I are standing there and this woman who was also part of the tour thought it would be a great idea to sit on some antique piece of furniture that didn’t look at all very sturdy.  I was literally holding my breath and I nudged Sweet Sweet and she was in shock too.  The woman doesn’t think it’s any big thing to make an antique table her biatch and why should she, I’m sure everything was insured.  Luckily we escaped without international incident, but it was funny nonetheless that someone would have the gall to just lean on something incredibly old.

Up next will be the Ring of Kerry and then finally Dublin.  I’m hoping to get caught up this weekend.

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