Cozumel Cruise // On the Beach in Cozumel

So, after getting on the ship, having a nice dinner, we finally arrive in Cozumel without any sort of plan. In fact, they always encourage you to make sure that you’ve booked your excursion and we decided not to do that.

Seat.  Of.  Our.  Pants.

This is Sweet Sweet and I getting off of the ship:

Justin and Ashley:

The Ecstasy, in all of her glory:

Walking on the dock, I can’t believe Justin would carry this bag:

So, we find a taxi and long story short, we ask the driver to take us to the best public beach in Cozumel. He does, and it’s amazing. He essentially drops us off and we find ourselves in an outdoor bar/restaurant that was made for us. We sit down and have a few beers before getting acquainted with the water.

Although I was trying to take a picture of Sweet Sweet (yes, I fail at camera), you can tell that that the sand is beautiful and the water is crystal clear:

The ocean from our table:

Yeah, this doesn’t look like a public beach, but it is:

Justin and Ashely not looking at my camera:

So I’m out in the water and to make another long story short, it turns out that Lori Cochran (now Anding) is at the same beach on a different cruise. So we hook up with their group while we’re there. They paid for the excursion and they were able to eat whatever they wanted and drink as much as they wanted. Justin and I shared some civiche as well as this beautiful fish:

Here’s everyone and the bar/restaurant:

More beautiful beach and water:

Me (someone needs to work out a little harder):

Me, Sweet Sweet and Lori:

Our afternoon ends and we head back to the ship:

Do not remember:

One of the best days ever, other than having to get back onto the ship.

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