Cozumel Cruise // Winding Up

So after the wild and crazy times in Cozumel, the rest of the cruise was essentially spent waiting to get back to Galveston. The rest of these photos are just lounging around and eating, which is what you do on a cruise.

Myself and Sweet Sweet:

Ashley and Sweet Sweet:

Justin and Ashley:

The last afternoon and night aboard the ship, Justin and I belly up to the bar and have a few. Our lovely wives join us and Sweet Sweet and I enjoy some good times:

The entire trip, we were served by Prito and his helper (I can’t recall his name right now). Prito was incredibly helpful and had no problems bringing out additional deserts and appetizers. He was a tremendous waiter.

The next morning, we waited for a few hours to get off the ship. We were a little over 2 hours late and this caused all of us to get a tad bit antsy, not to mention, the method of getting off of the ship was quite simply awful. Needless to say, we were ready to be on dry land.

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