Fishing in Surfside

It’s been a while, but I went fishing with Randy, Justin, Clay, Francis, Brandon and Donny. Lots of pictures and lots of fishing. Justin, Brandon and myself drove down, while the rest of the group (sans Donny) drove down first. We arrived at our beach house and it was pretty danged nice:

That night, there was a thunderstorm on its way:

Justin and Brandon (camera is foggy due to the humidity);

Donny and Donny and Brandon:

Someone caught a shark:


Justin’s got something on the line:



Brandon with a beautiful cast:

On our first stop was near an old oil rig and caught our limit of Kingfish. No pictures of the actual fish because I was actually fishing. Proof is later.

Donny has something on the line:

Clay gets in on the action:

Someone is in to this:

Randy with a Red Snapper (which was pretty par for the course in terms of size):

Randy with a Mahi Mahi:

After it was all said and done, this was the fish. Yep, a ton of fish:

Me, Justin, Randy, Donny, Brandon and Clay:

The next day, Brandon, Justin and myself (mainly the other two) cooked up a freaking awesome shrimp boil:

Later in the day, we fished from the beach, and just for memories sake, this was our beach house:

Waiting for a bite:


Randy, Francis, Donny, Brandon, Justin and Clay:

And I replace Donny, but I’m shirtless:

Pretty nice sunset that evening:

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