Football Gets in the Way of Blogging

It’s my annual tradition of ignoring PDB while football season is in full swing. It’s going to happen every year. Just part of the deal. In any event, there are pictures from Mom’s birthday, Sweet Sweet and I at the Texas State Fair and Thanksgiving.

At Saralyn’s to celebrate Mom’s B-Day:

Sweet Sweet and I take a ride on the ferris wheel:

I took hardly any pictures of Thanksgiving, but did snap these photos of Hogan and Thea:

The next day we headed down to the FC Cabin and for those of you looking to rent, two bedrooms were added as well as an updated kitchen:

Sweet Sweet and I:

Sweet Sweet and Elam:

The setting sun in the woods:

Elam takes a dump:

Sweet Sweet in the kitchen:

Randy and Sweet Sweet:

Justin, Ashley, Randy, Elam, Sweet Sweet and myself:

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