Christmas and New Years Eve

It’s only a few weeks late, which is great for me.

First, Miranda and I wanted to do Christmas cards and rather than take pictures of ourselves, we decided that our puppy dogs would be much more appropriate.




Sweet Sweet and I also purchased a Furminator for Blue as her shedding was becoming something that required a daily vacuum. This was the first day’s of fur that was removed from our beloved Blue.

We then had out annual Christmas party at the Hetmers (sorry for the picture quality).

Then was Christmas at our house, and Elam was the star of the show.

But Elam was more interested in my new pair of boots.

And then Sweet Sweet’s shoes.

Next up was Christmas at my parents’ house where we also celebrated Hogan’s B-Day.

It somewhat snowed on Christmas morning:

And the dogs get their Christmas toys.

Christmas with Ann.

And I get a Texas Tech snuggie.

Sweet Sweet and I, J-Five and A-Five and C-Het and L-Het before New Year’s Eve dinner at 4 Winds.

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