Thanksgiving at the Cabin

Every year, we go to my father-in-law’s cabin out in East Texas. There is no cell service, or very little service, and almost zero internet service. It’s really quite great and I get to do things that I normally wouldn’t do, you know, like not be constantly connected to my phone or computer or tablet. This year I re-focused on reading East of Eden. I started it last year, but then life and those gadgets got in the way.

My father-in-law does have satellite.

The toy that Fitsum is playing with an old toy car that has the stars and bars on it. That car as been there forever and I know that Fitsum’s ancestors never experienced that, but it’s still odd. I tended to the fire quite a bit. I pretty much consider this my job.

We went to the deer stand to watch deer.

I got all artsy.

Bambino hung out with like a good puppy dog.

I am getting old.

Randy also has a zip line and Fitsum loves it.

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