Happy Holiday! I Should Have Taken More Photos

I was awful at taking photos this Christmas. We started with Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve morning. We did round up the kids for the photos, while at our house. That is Ashley’s fingers at the bottom of the photo.


I did not take any pictures at my house on Christmas Eve evening, except for the moment before my little brother asked his girlfriend of six years to marry him (he is holding the ring in his hand). It was a beautiful moment. Congrats TJ & Mia!

The next morning, we had Christmas at our house with just the three of us (five of us if you include the puppy dogs). Fitsum got a bike that he’s not real interested in just yet.

He is very much interested in Lego’s and trains.

Sweet Sweet got a new sweatshirt and I am a lucky guy.

I received lots of nice things, but my Mom got every one of us duct tape and I made a card holder out of mine.

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