It’s All In The Eyes

The difference is amazing.   After two short years, you look at me to take a picture.  You’ve never trusted me with your eyes.  You’ve always looked away.  Even now, you look away from me.  And don’t get me wrong.  It’s okay. I understand. I still have to earn your trust.  We’re not done bonding just yet.  This really though was typical of what we could expect when asking you to smile at me to take a photo.  You always looked down and you always looked away


That is until recently.  You look me in the eyes and you smile at me and it makes me happy.  This happened within a week.  

You smiled at me. You posed for me and that’s a really good thing.  You can see those teeth and you can see your smile.  As an aside, the legos on the chair are what you call “RejectaBots” and it is from the movie Wall*E.  One day, we decided that we would build RejectaBots and so you did.  

The first and most current photo is from earlier this week where we had, of all things, the most pleasant two days in the month of July that I can ever recall.  The temperature was in the 80’s and we sat outside and watched you play for two days.  You played in the mud and the dirt and you smiled at me.

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2 thoughts on “It’s All In The Eyes

  1. I pray for the day that I have what you have Seth. I’m really happy that you have found some happiness and peace.

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