Saturday Morning Links

It’s your Saturday morning links.

1. Radiolab is one of my favorite podcasts and they went to the Man Against Horse race in Prescott, Arizona, where the point of the race is to beat a horse in a 50 mile race. Maybe the most interesting thing I learned was that the nuchal ligament, which is this ligament kinda in the skull that first appeared in humans 2 million years ago. Basically how the body evolved over time to be able to run is pretty fantastic.

2. Kids talking about chess is delightful.

3. NPR had second hand store owners and they say that the best thing you can do is to not buy more stuff, which I’ve very much tried to think about recently. Is what I have good enough and usually the answer is yes.

4. ScienceFriday has an awesome article about how we need to relearn the stories of indigenous North Americans, which I always loved as a kid and how the stars and solar systems inspired people across cultures from across the world. I did find this PDF of Native American Mythology and the fact that they identified the Milky Way was pretty terrific:

Milky Way Trail (known as the Pathway of Souls to the Algonquin)

The Algonquin legend tells us that the Milky Way is the path that our souls take when we die. Sometimes referred to as the Pathway of Souls, it is an imperishable mark upon the sky which arches across the heavens. We do not know where the path leads nor do we know what sights they may behold. Each bright star, however, is a campfire blazing in the sky where they have paused in their journey to look down on us, their people, as we huddle for warmth around our home fire.

Other names for the Milky Way:
• Fox Tribe: “a river of stars”
• Yokut: “dust from a race between antelope and deer”
• Cherokee: “cornmeal dripping from a dog’s mouth”
• Ciowa: “backbone of the sky”
• Hidohsa & Patwin: “scattered ashes”
• Eskimo: “track made by Raven’s snow shoes”
• Skidee Pawnee: “glue holding the sky together”

5. The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis has the oral history of Stuart Scott and his life and it is absolutely fantastic.

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