Saturday Morning Links

In a hurry this morning, but hope you enjoy.

1. Paul Cooper on Twitter with the story of William Leonard Hunt, who said he found a lost city in the Kalahari Desert in 1881, but no one else has been able to find.

2. The NY Times on why some trees can live for thousands of years:

That’s because the genes in the cambium contain no program for senescence, or death, they say, but continue their program for making defenses even after hundreds of years. Old trees also produce just as many seeds and their leaves are just as resourceful as those of young trees. Though it has yet to be tested, the researchers believe other old trees — think of the 4,800-year-old bristlecone known as Methuselah in eastern California — may have a similar pattern of genetic programming.

3. Two links from OutsideOnline, a new trail in Slovenia looks absolutely amazing (and also home to Luka) and to get to this pub in Scotland requires a ferry ride or a three-day hike.

4. The BitterSoutherner on the nation’s largest maximum security prison in the nation, Louisiana’s Angola Prison.

5. Paul Graham on what it means to be a hater (and also a fanboy) on the internet.

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