Saturday Morning Links

1. Via Hyper Allergic, want to vist Athens, Greece thousands of years ago? Me too.

2. Want to buy books from local book shops rather than Amazon? (I don’t know why I’m asking so many questions this morning.) Via Forbes, go visit, a website that went live at the end of January and is still in beta mode, is designed to be an alternative to Amazon, and to generate income for independent bookstores. And, perhaps more importantly, it seeks to give book reviewers, bloggers and publications who rely on affiliate income from “Buy now” links to Amazon a different option.

I don’t like digital books. I’ve always preferred the actual book, even if I have to bring a couple with me, I prefer owning a physical copy rather than just being granted a temporary digital license to read the book.

3. Via Wired, catching marathon cheaters.

4. Via OutsideOnline sometimes no matter how hard companies try, the stuff we buy may still be made in factories that don’t treat people like human beings. The takeaway is that there are companies who are trying to make conditions better, and that’s good. There’s always room to improve.

5. I don’t understand how this all happens in about a minute.

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