Saturday Morning Links

1. Via OutsideOnline, some terrific photos of cowboys, from Brazil to Uruguay and North America. Really terrific photos.

2. Also via OutsideOnline, how a shipwrecked crew survived 10 days lost at sea:

On November 25, 2019, Chris Carney and his two-man crew, Pete Brown and Jun “Sumi” Sumiyama, set off from Japan on their way to Hawaii in a 42-foot sailboat, the Coco-Haz III. They had four weeks to cross the world’s largest ocean. The boat’s owner, a retired Japanese dentist, needed the trip done in a hurry—he’d lose a boat slip he’d rented if it didn’t arrive in time. Carney didn’t think they would make it on schedule, even if everything went right. But things went far worse than he imagined when two catastrophes left them stranded in the middle of the sea.

Here is Carney’s story, as told to Outside.

3. I’m absolutely team thigh and drumstick. Apparently team thigh is having a Renaissance, while team drumstick is being left behind. Bring them both to me. Via Taste, Big Chicken’s Drumstick Dilemma.

4. A camera, a log, and the animals who cross said log.

5. Via MessyNessy, a really interesting story about who was maybe the first man to reach the North Pole, an African-American desk clerk who was supremely talented.

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