Saturday Morning Links

1. A four-day, 65-mile walk along the Texas coast from Texas Monthly’s David Courtney. This is just fantastic and this sounds like an ultra marathon waiting to happen.

And so, in late March we set off for an epic coastal excursion that would allow me to spend my days immersed in the fine art of beachcombing and my nights beneath a starry South Texas sky. While the rest of the world was hunkering down in isolation, I was going to partake in some social distancing of a different sort.

2. Alsace.

Photo by Vered Caspi on Unsplash

3. GQ’s Alex Shultz interviews Kilian Jornet, the Spaniard ultrarunner who has a pretty simple life and just runs all day and that sounds fantastic.

I wake up at 6 or 7, eat a small breakfast, and go for a longer workout. It could be a long day in the mountains—six or seven hours—or it could be two hours on flatter land trying to go fast. In the afternoon, I will go for a short one-hour run or ride on the bike.

4. Outside Online’s Alex Hutchinson writes about the difference between effort and pain. The funny thing for me is that pain used to happen quite a bit for me because I was putting forth a significant amount of effort and now I don’t think I feel pain, but my effort output gets pushed. If you haven’t almost shit yourself while working out, then you haven’t pushed yourself (I’m being extreme here, but it’s true for me).

5. This so reminded me of Reno 911, especially getting away and then being apprehended again.

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